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Short Code Services

Short code service for business promotion

Short code is a five digit SMS number used for marketing, branding and promotions. Advantage of this number is it is easier to remember and it sending texts with short codes is cheaper than regular messaging. But advantage s of short codes more than marketing and cost effectiveness.

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Advantages of short code services Delhi

  • It opens a direct line of communication between businesses and consumers
  • It goes with a call to action that consumers can use in a hassle free manner
  • Messaging can be scheduled to get maximum response
  • Helpful in extending immediate offers
  • Used in distributing discount coupons
  • Good for opinion pools

How short code SMS Delhi works?


A message is sent with a keyword like name of the brand or business promoted. The message goes to a large number of phone users. Objective is to reach out to as many phone users as possible. Here users have an opportunity to target area specific phone numbers. Users receive messages and those interested reply to the call to action.


Customers send their response to the short code service provider from where the response is sent to the business. Users get API’s of the short code apps. The web based apps are password protected to restrict access.


The application generates report on the text messages. Report shows number of messages delivered and the number of responses from targeted users. Report shows return on investment on messaging.

Short code service is used for

  • Lead generation
  • Eliciting opinion
  • Generating response
  • Making sales
  • Providing information
  • Introducing businesses
  • Giving reminders

How short code messages are flashed?

  • Users get short codes and keywords for their services
  • Phone numbers are targeted for marketing
  • Content is drafted and numbers are set
  • Application is allowed to flash messages
  • Messages start blasting from the app
  • The app tracks messages
  • Report is created for the users
How easy it is to send short code messages?

Flashing short code messages with the help of a short code service provider Delhi is easier than sending messages from regular mobiles. The user only needs setting phone numbers in the application and allowing the app to blast messages. Since the messages can be scheduled, there is no need to rush or send messages in a hurry.