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Online Reputation Management

Every website and even regular business has online reputation and the reputation is made by feedbacks from customers and users. This reputation could be negative or maligning, if someone wants to spoil image of a business and it happens with many businesses.

Reasons for negative comments
  • When a business yells at a customer
  • When customers don’t get the attention they deserve
  • When businesses fail to keep up their promises
  • When information is denied
  • When competitors decide to spoil the image

How online reputation is maligned?


Competitors make negative comments with false names. Social media platforms are used for spreading negativity. Blogs are also used to malign online businesses.

Press Release

Bad news coverage by press. Websites post press releases about their businesses. The press releases could also be from online media that doesn’t exist. This media can be used to spread bad word about businesses.

Fake reviews

Reviews are used as tools and review sites are as platforms for waging a war against targeted businesses. Fake user names are created and negative reviews are authored to convince people that the business reviewed isn’t reliable.

Disgruntled customers’ groups

Businesses are targeted with such groups. The groups are mad on social media and the groups are shown as yelling at the businesses they are unsatisfied with.

What is online reputation management Delhi?

It is a real help for businesses struggling with the negative feedbacks, comments and reviews. The process is to reply to the negative content in the best possible manner. The objective is to silence criticism with constructive response. If you are worried about negative comments on your web business, you should talk to us.

Monitoring online reputation with ORM services Delhi

A website is what search engines say about it. Visitors believe more on search engines than on the content of the websites. It is for this reason that web based businesses have to be careful about their online reputation. It isn’t a difficult job as there are many tools to monitor online reputation of websites.